What does Odysseus direct his son to do in preparation for an attack on the suitors?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After Odysseus reveals himself to his son, Telemachus, the two of them weep happily before making plans to rid the palace of the suitors. Telemachus explains to Odysseus that the two of them are no match for the suitors--at least 108 strong. But Odysseus has faced such odds before, and he prepares a plan for Telemachus to follow. Odysseus directs his son to treat the suitors as he has before, and he will enter the palace dressed as an old beggar. Odysseus directs Telemachus to restrain his temper if the suitors mistreat him, to "look on and do nothing." Telemachus must "collect all the armor that is in the house and hide it," and to make an excuse if they question his motives. Odysseus tells him to leave "a sword and a spear apiece for yourself and me," along with a couple of shields. He must tell no one that Odysseus is in the house--not even his mother, Penelope--and he should question the servants to see if he has others who are still loyal. Odysseus and Telemachus, along with any others who will stand by them, will face the long odds together.

kiwi354 | Student

He tells him to take all weapons from the suitors he the goes to the palace where his sees his faithful dog who hears him and then dies and sees his wife to tell her that "odysseus" is on his way back she then gets one of her maids to wash down the beggar"odysseus" and the maid knows it is odysseus b/c of a scar on his leg, penelope then tells the suitors that she will marry one when she is done with her weaving which she undoes every night. later she says she will marry a suitor that is strong and can string odysseus bow no man can do it. but the beggar "odysseus" does he then shoots the arrows through the ax handles and kills and the suitors with help.