What does nick think of gastby after meeting him ?

caitlinjoseph10 | Student

Upon their first meeting, Nick sees Gatsby making grand gestures and throwing large parties, but when they finally meet, Nick understands that there is more to Gatsby that his parties.  He hears that Gatsby worked his way up from his meager roots in North Dakota.  Nick looks at Gatsby as a self-made man.  As their relationship progresses, he feels a bit uneasy about Gatsby's connections to low-life types life Wolfsheim, as well as some of his obvious lies (calling San Franscisco part of the midwest).  Nick admires Gatsby despite the fact that Gatsby represents everything that Nick finds distasteful about New York.  By the end of the novel, Nick realizes that Gatsby has monetary items, and is surrounded by people, but has never gotten close to anyone.  Nick is the only truly loyal person around Gatsby after his death.

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