What does needs analysis in second language teaching mean and how it is carried out?

Expert Answers
durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A 'needs analysis' in this context, is an essential tool in effectively teaching any second language. It is based on assessing different criteria relevant to the learning environment, such as :

  1. Are you teaching children or adults?
  2. What are the main objectives of the learning?
  3. What cognitive skills does the learner already exhibit? 
  4. What level of understanding does the learner have?
  5. What are the learner's social and environmental circumstances?
  6. Are there any cultural considerations?
  7. What does the learner need the skills for? Is it professional, leisure, family oriented?

To carry out a 'needs analysis' ask these questions of all the students intending to participate and gather the information to allow the assessor to formulate a curriculum which will suit all the learners' needs or a great number of them.