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Nausicaa is the princess of the Phaeacians. Odysseus is washed ashore on the island of the Phaeacians after the terrible storm sent by Poseidon. Odysseus is in a poor state when he awakes, muddy and naked, having slept in a bed of leaves. He hears a woman singing (who turns out to be Nausicaa) and approaches her cautiously. He tells her of his plight and asks to be taken to the royal palace. Despite some initial suspicion she takes pity on him, tells him to bathe and gives him some oil and a garment that she had brought to wash in the stream. She then agrees to take Odysseus to her parents (the king and queen of the Phaeacians) who will listen to his story. Nausicaa walks back to the palace with damp feet from the stream and tells Odysseus to follow her footprints before the sun dries them. Once at the palace Nausicaa convinces the King and Queen to listen to Odysseus' tale.