What does Napoleon do to chase Snowball off the farm?

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Napoleon does not really do all that much to chase Snowball off the farm.  Instead, he relies on his dogs to do it for him.

At one point, Snowball is speaking at a meeting.  Napoleon decides it is time to get rid of him and he emits a high pitched sound.  That, apparently, is the signal for the nine dogs to chase Snowball.  Snowball runs for his life and leaves the farm.

So all Napoleon really does right then is to emit the high pitched sound.  Other than that, it's just that he had trained the dogs.

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From the very beginning there has always been enmity between Napoleon and Snowball. This enmity reaches its climax in Ch.5 when the animals hold a meeting to decide on Snowball's proposal to build a windmill.

Napoleon has always been jealous of Snowball and he is opposed to the building of the windmill. In fact, while all the other animals were appreciative of Snowball's efforts in building the windmill, Napoleon urinated over Snowball's draft plan  of the windmill.

In Ch.5, all the animals gather in the big barn to vote on whether or not the windmill will be built. A heated debate arises which finally ends with Napoleon emitting a queer sound. At this signal nine huge dogs rush in and chase away Snowball leading to his permanent exit from the farm:

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