Nancy Drew Series Questions and Answers
by Carolyn Keene

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What does Nancy Drew do? What does Nancy solve?

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I am relying on my memory of books that I never supposedly read, but I did.  See, in the 1960's and 70's, boys were not supposed to read Nancy Drew--boys read the Hardy Boys series.  But, I would sneak and read...

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enchanted-versifier | Student

Nancy Drew is a character created by Carolyn Keene in a series of mystery books much like the Hardy boys.

Nancy is an amateur teenage detective. She solves mysteries.

Being a teenager, Nancy Drew has to attend college, keep up with parent's expectations, handle emotional bond with friends and close friend Ned Nickerson.

She has good intuitive and detective skills which makes her fall into mysteries and she has to come out victorious by solving them.

When in trouble she relies on her father, her close friend Ned and the regional police or sheriff.

Nancy Drew is one of the most read teenage series with many volumes.

Initially, the book was written as third-person story teller but later on a series of books with Nancy as first-person narrator were released.

shiloh96 | Student

Nancy Drew solves mysteries. She is always trying to help and never accepts money.Nancy always seems to come up with an answer or a "hunch" that nobody else seems to think of. I love all of the Nancy Drew books and would recommend them to everybody!

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