illustration of a woman in a dress standing as if she were in shock

The Story of an Hour

by Kate Chopin

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What does Mrs. Mallard's youth and facial expressions reveal about her life?

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I would add that it tells me that she is facing MANY years of "oppression" at the, perhaps unwitting, hand of her husband who seems to be out of the traditional model of the husband.  The length of her "sentence" in part explains her exuberance at have in "communted."  It...

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also, in part, explains the depth of her despair when she finds that her husband is alive.

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She is indeed a very young woman to be having heart complications. Her face is described as young and calm, plus

"whose lines bespeak repression and even a certain strength" (p. 312)

This is worth being noted, because since the theme of male dominance versus female fragility in the Victorian mindset is the most predominant theme in the story, it makes us wonder if those "lines of expression" being already showing in a young woman signify the repression of her own thoughts, ideas, words, and intelligence.

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