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What does Mr. Rogers notice about the little Indians on the dining table?

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Mr. Rogers, who is one of the servants at the home on the island, discovers that the little statues of the indians keep disappearing after someone else is murdered, one of the little indians disappears from the table.

This really upsets Rogers, because it is his responsibility for cleaning up the table and he knows that his wife did not remove the the little statues so it adds to the mystery about who could be murdering the guest and taking the statues off the table.

Rogers has a conversation with Dr. Armstrong about how much the disappearing little figures really bother him.  He makes it clear to the guests that he is not responsible for the little china figures disappearing, he can't understand what is happening to them.

"It's those little figures, sir.  In the middle of the table.  The little china figures.  Ten of them, there were. I'll swear to that, ten of them.

That's just is sir. Last night, when I was clearing up, there wasn't but nine, sir.  I noticed it and thought it queer, Buts that's all I thought.  And now, sir, this morning.  I didn't notice when I laid the breakfast.  There's only eight!" (Christie)

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