What does Mr. Perpich say Brian's most important asset is in Hatchet?

Mr. Perpich tells Brian that his most valuable asset is himself in Hatchet. This is the message that he drummed into every student in his English class. As Brian struggles for survival in the wilderness, he wishes that Mr. Perpich, with his unfailing optimism and can-do attitude, were there with him.

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Brian is struggling for survival in the wilderness. Absolutely famished, he'd gladly trade everything he has for a hamburger. It's true that Brian doesn't have much—nothing more than a broken watch and some clothes. But he's so hungry that he'd happily exchange what little he has for some food.

But Brian realizes he has something else—himself. This is the message drummed into him and all the other students in class by their inspiring English teacher, Mr. Perpich. He always used to say to the kids,

You are your most valuable asset. Don't forget that. You are the best thing you have.

How Brian would love to have Mr. Perpich alongside him right now! With his constant optimism and can-do attitude to life, he would be the ideal companion for Brian as he struggles for survival out in the wilderness.

But as Mr. Perpich isn't around, the best that Brian can do is to follow his example. To that end, he determines that, if he's going to play the game of survival, he should play it right. There's no time for messing around; Brian needs to heed the words of his teacher, get motivated, and see the bigger picture.

But at this moment, that's easier said than done. All that Brian can do is to scream out loud into the wilderness, over and over again, “I'm hungry!”

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