Where does Mr. Mitty's "secret life" take him? What does he become?

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Walter Mitty becomes the most awesome person in the world in each of his "secret life" dreams.  Walter Mitty is normal to a fault.  He's essentially invisible to the people around him, so he imagines himself as an important, powerful, and central figure in each daydream.  

He first imagines himself as a brave Navy pilot flying through a really bad storm.  He is the only member of his crew that acts calm and brave. 

Walter next imagines himself as a great surgeon that saves the day when an operation takes a turn for the worse.  

A third day dream involves Walter on trial for murder.  He didn't commit it, but he does admit that he is a good enough pistol shot to have done the murder.  

Another daydream places Walter in the cockpit of a fighter plane.  He is the last and lone help for the Allies.  

Lastly, Walter's imagination places him in front of a firing squad.  

In each case, Walter imagines himself as the hero of his own adventure story.  


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