What does Mr. Milgrom give to Misha before they go outside for inspection?

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Because you don't mention where in the book you mean (because there are many inspections here), I will assume that it is the inspection given right after Chapter 22 ends.  This is absolutely a trick question because what Mr. Milgrom gives to Misha before the inspection is not a "thing" at all, but a new identity.  Remember how important identity is in this book.  Identity, in fact, is the main theme.  Misha, at the beginning of the book was not Misha at all but simply "Stoptheif" because that is always what people were yelling at him.  Misha has no identity.  The first time Misha is given an identity is by Uri (who leads the group of boys).  Misha considers this the time he is "born."  Uri "names" the narrator "Misha Pilsudski."  Your question is about the third identity that Misha is given:  "Misha Milgrom."  This name is what Mr. Milgrom gives Misha right before the inspection.  Misha has come to live with them (sometimes), so it seems appropriate for him to don this name.  Further, it shows that Misha has been accepted into the family by Mr. Milgrom which is in direct defiance of Uncle Shepsel.

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