What lesson does Miss Moore hope to teach the children in "The Lesson"?

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Additionally, Miss Moore hopes to teach the children concepts that are still foreign to them. These concepts capture the realities of economic value and choice. Economic value is based on what consumers want to purchase. Essentially, the value consumers place on an item affects whether they purchase it or reject it. Perceived value affects consumer choice.

When the children question the cost of items in the store, Miss Moore does not immediately address their concerns. Instead, she tells the children what the items are made of and what they are used for.

In the story, Rosie questions why a "chunk of glass" should cost $480. In response, Miss Moore tells her that the item is a "paperweight made of semi-precious stones fused together under tremendous pressure." The cost is based on the materials used to make the paperweight. Semi-precious stones are expensive and, as a result, the market price of the paperweight is high. Also, the costs associated with processing gems are expensive, and...

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