In "To Kill a Mockingbird" what does Miss Merriweather say about northeners?

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Among many other tactless, offensive, haughty, and self-righteous comments that Miss Merriweather jabs incessantly about at the missionary meeting in chapter 24, northerners is one of them.  She feels that the northerners are "hypocrites...born hypocrites" because they set the black people free "but you don't see 'em settin' at the table with 'em."  So, because white northerners don't sit at the same table as the black northerners after setting them free, they are hypocrites.  But, it is her next comment about how the South is better that makes it so "Miss Merriweather-y":

"At least we don't have the deceit to say to 'em yes you're as good as we are but stay away from us.  Down here we just say you live your way and we'll live ours."

Here she says that the south is better because they don't set out in the first place saying that the blacks are equal to them.  At least they are honest, and say, no, you are inferior, and that is just the way it is.  It is her twisted way of saying that treating black people like trash is more moral than setting them free, because at least it's honest.  It's an interesting logic, but one that she voices proudly-as she does many others at the meeting.

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