Christy Questions and Answers
by Catherine Marshall

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What does miss Alice suggest the women sell?

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Miss Alice suggests that the women of Cutter's Gap sell their hand-woven fabrics.  At one meeting of the women's sewing circle, Alice comments that her "friends in Pennsylvania and Miss Christy's in Asheville would leap at the chance to by hand-woven things" (191).  Mrs. MacHone replies that some "cash money" would "sorely be welcome" (191).  Granny immediately pitches in and offers her loom, and Aunt Polly shares ideas on how to dye the thread for the cloth.  The women collaborate together on how to create their own home-grown industry; the possibility of making money from their own efforts and talents both excites and motivates them.  Even the younger girls like Ruby Mae are intrigued by the suggestion. 

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