In Dante's Inferno, what does the minotaur represent in circle 7?

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The minotaur in circle 7 of Dante’s Inferno has, like much else in The Divine Comedy, been interpreted in various ways.  Anyone seeking full information about any of the figures in Dante’s work should look for a fully annotated edition of the poem (such as the one by Charles Singleton).

Also helpful is a search of Google Books, and even a regular Google search can be useful, as long as one proceeds with caution.  It was a regular Google search, for instance, that turned up the following information at, one of the very best sites about Dante on the Internet:

The Minotaur, a bull-man who appears on this broken slope (Inf. 12.11-15), is most likely a guardian and symbol of the entire circle of violence. Dante . . . clearly...

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