What does Michael learn at the citizen's registration office?

Expert Answers

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The day after Michael does not acknowledge Hanna at the public pool, he finds her apartment empty. He calls and visits the streetcar company and learns that she had not shown up for work after rejecting a promotion to become a driver. Michael tracks down Hanna's landlord, who tells him that she had moved out earlier that morning, and would not be returning. Michael eventually thinks of contacting the citizens' registration office, where he is informed that Hanna had said she was moving to Hamburg. Michael wonders if he is to blame for Hanna leaving, whether she had felt betrayed when he ignored her at the pool. For years, Michael yearns for Hanna, looks for her wherever he goes, dreams of her while he is in high school and university. Hanna's abrupt departure has a profound effect on Michael into adulthood, reflected in his emotional distance and failed marriages.

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