What does Melinda do when she learns about Rachel?

Melinda speaks out about Andy to Rachel.

Expert Answers

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The original question was pared down to one question.  It is through Rachel's association with Andy that Melinda begins the process of speaking out.  Up to this point, Melinda had remained in silence.  It was her way of voicing dissent.  Yet, as David reminds her, little can come out of being silent in terms of change.  When Melinda learns of Andy dating Rachel, she realizes that she must speak out if she wishes Rachel to avoid what happened to her.  Essentially, Melinda is confronted with a choice to remain silent and permit him to win again or speak out in order to stop a rapist.  When Melinda learns about how much Rachel and Andy are dating and are serious in terms of going to prom together, she speaks out.  Initially, she places a note in Rachel's locker about Andy.  Then, she speaks to Rachel about him. She talks to Rachel in the library.  While the librarian shushes her, Melinda eventually does speak, writing on a piece of paper that she was raped by Andy.  It is in this action of speaking out where Melinda experiences some of her greatest growth.  In recognizing what Rachel might go through is what she did go through, Melinda speaks out.

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