What does it mean when your bottom stomach valve is open all the time?   During a barium swallow the DR. said  "OH!! the stuff is running right out of her stomach!!" 30  or 40 pictures later they sent me home scared to death. I did not see lumps or shadows but still have trouble swallowing. They looked at it from the inside and saw no abnormalities just hiatal hernia.

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Ok, if it is a hiatus hernia, then your stomach contents are refluxing back up into your oesophagus.  This is not uncommon, and antacids (or even pure peppermint) will help.  It is often inherited.  But this is your 'top' stomach valve.

Watch your diet. Rich foods such as curry, duck, etc., are bad news.

Good luck

You can Google 'hiatus hernia' and 'oesophageal reflux' to find out more.

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