In The Giver, what does it mean they say they are going to release someone from the community?

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When someone is released, there are two stories:  the community-based lie, and the truth.

The community makes its citizens believe that release means you are being let go.  They allow people to believe that when you are released, you simply leave the community and move to another community where you might fit in better than you have been in their community.  This is believed when someone chooses to be released as well as when someone is forced into it.

In reality, when Jonas becomes the Receiver, he is allowed to watch a video tape of a release.  He sees the release his dad performed on the twin baby.  Jonas's father had told him that the baby would be picked up by a resident of another community and taken to live there.  In reality, Jonas's father gave the infant a lethal injection and incinerated the corpse.  So release, then, is not a relocation; it is euthanasia.

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