What does it mean if someone doodles many eyes on a single sheet of paper without realizing what they drew?What does it mean if someone doodles many eyes on a single sheet of paper without...

What does it mean if someone doodles many eyes on a single sheet of paper without realizing what they drew?

What does it mean if someone doodles many eyes on a single sheet of paper without realizing what they drew?

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You need to be careful with reading too much into doodling - often a doodle can just be a doodle, but as other editors have stated the subconscious can express itself through such doodlings. You might want to think about what eyes represent or what emotions can be expressed through them. #4 makes an interesting point about paranoia. It is interesting that these eyes transform into snake eyes - could this perhaps be expressing a desire to transform or to change perhaps the way they are perceived?

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I doodle pictures of little houses, but that's because little houses are the only thing I can draw! In Patricia Cornwell's book, Scarpetta, one of the characters draws pictures of eyes. According to a psychiatrist in the novel, this means the character is feeling paranoid, feeling that other people are watching him. I don't know if there is any real psychological significance in this interpretation.  I just happened to read it recently.

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I have always used doodling as a great way to examine how individuals perceive their own reality.  Eyes on a page can be an excellent starting point for discussion with the "doodler."  What did you like about eyes?  What emotions might be featured in the eyes?  What might be there which is trying to be articulated?  There might not be much in the way of meaning, but doodling has always been for me a way to open a dialogue where meaning and understanding can be established and understood.

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By its definition, doodling is the simple sketching or drawing that one engages in while not being fully cognizant of the process or what one is drawing. Someone who doodles might be doing so as a means of relieving their boredom or a means of venting frustration, or even focusing one's mind.

I'm not sure if there is any scientific documentation of doodles and their meanings, but doodling eyes could represent different things, and the types of eyes that are doodled could mean different things as well. Since eyes are considered the windows to the soul, it is quite possible that eye doodles are a window into the doodler's personality. An open and outgoing personality could be indicated by big eyes. While the opposite could be indicated by smaller or closed eyes.

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I also used to doodle eyes all over everything. I looked it up and found that I was meant to be paranoid too. That didn't feel right, so I spent some time researching it and I have recently begun a website devoted to doodlings, doodling meanings and related ideas - http://www.DoodleMeanings.com. Grab the free guide. I would love to hear your opinions!

I would agree that sometimes a doodle is just that. No more. However, it is worth considering that is is always you who are doing the doodling, not someone suddenly inhabiting your body. So, what do those shapes mean to you? After you have looked at the obvious symbology, there must be something about that that calls to you.



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The weird part is that the eyes have gone from human to snake. Should I worry about the person?

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