What does it mean to have "ethical wisdom" when it comes to morals and values in a health care organization?

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Health care professionals can apply ethical wisdom to navigate decisions, actions, and conversations regarding the health care of an individual, particularly under unclear healthcare rules and regulations.

These regulations and rules can come into conflict with the desires and needs of patients. For health care providers, having a strong moral compass and strong ethical wisdom can guide these grey areas of conflict between regulations and the realities of patient needs. Having ethical wisdom can guide a provider in navigating situations regarding patient autonomy, religious and cultural needs, desires of patients in regards to their family and loved ones, and conversely, desires of family and loved ones in regards to the patient.

The reality is that our healthcare system far too often situates patients as lacking in their own autonomy. Particularly in the case of elderly patients, patients with mental illnesses, and neuro-diverse patients, the healthcare industry often strips patients of...

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