What does Mazer discover about the buggers and how they receive their commands? (from whom or what)

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The old man in Chapter 10 turns out to be the captain in the last victory over the buggers.  When Ender asks him to explain his success, Mazer  describes the passive state (“already dead at their posts”) of the buggers after his attack:  “The Buggers don’t talk.  They think to each other.”  He goes on to explain that, like an organism, the parts interact without thought.  “We’re living in a Bugger hive.”  This parallel, between the Bugger culture and a beehive, continues to Mazer’s revelation: “We killed the queen.  And, at her death, the hive died.”  Mazer goes on to describe “Dr. Device”, the weapon that disassembles electron configurations.  The analogy of the beehive figures importantly in the novel's final scenes, because Ender saves the new colony of young Buggers from Mazer's description of their nature.

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