What does Max think about Freak when they first meet in front of the duplex in Freak the Mighty?  

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Max's first impression of Kevin when he moves in next door is that he is pretty sure Kevin wants him to die!  Max has vague memories of Kevin from day care.  Then, Kevin was known as the robot boy for his leg braces and funny noises; and Max was known as Kicker for all the damage he did to the other children.  Max had not seen Kevin for years when he sees Kevin on move-in day.  He is shocked to see a tiny boy ordering around the movers with his crutches:

. . . there's this weird-looking little dude, he's got a normal sized head, but the rest of him is shorter than a yardstick and kind of twisted in a way that means he can't stand up straight and makes his chest puff out, and he's waving his crutches around and yelling up at the movers.

Even though Max tries to be sneaky and keep from being spotted--he is not only shocked to see a friend from day care days, but also he is intrigued by Kevin's beautiful mother--he manages to make a commotion because of his clumsiness.  When Kevin spots him and yells for Max to identify himself, Max panics and runs away.  The abnormally huge Max is genuinely afraid of the abnormally small Kevin:

You have to see the look in his eye. Man, that little dude really hates me. He wants me to die.

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