What does Matthew do after his heart attack in Across Five Aprils?

In Across Five Aprils, after his heart attack, Matthew takes things easy. As he's sick and frail, he's no longer able to work the land himself and so must rely on Jenny and Jethro instead.

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After Matt Creighton suffers a heart attack, it becomes immediately clear that his son Jethro will be required to step into the breach. From now on, he will have to do a lot of the work that his father once did but is now no longer able to do due to illness.

However, Matt can still instruct Jethro in his new duties. It'll be a hard job, to be sure, but with Matt readily on hand to give him the benefit of his considerable experience, Jethro should just about manage.

Once Matt has become well enough to sit at the dinner table, he listens intently as Jethro and Jenny tell him of the progress they've made in working the farm. Unexpectedly, Matt offers them quiet words of praise, something he's never done before. Previously, he'd always expected his children to work hard without any praise being given or expected. But now that Matt's too sick and frail to work the land himself, he can take a step back and realize just how much effort Jenny and Jethro have put in to the farm.

With everything that's been going on in the Creightons' lives, it's all the more remarkable that Jenny and Jethro have done such a good job. If their heroic efforts don't deserve praise, then nothing does.

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