What does Matt tell Kira about the difference between her village and the one Christopher is from in Gathering Blue? How does Kira believe she can change the future? (p. 214) Three points worth each, so please answer in detail. Thank you. :)

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Matt tells Kira that in Christopher's village, "broken" people like herself can get married. Matt says that he saw a boy there about her age, and that, in his opinion, she could marry him if she wanted. In Kira's village, people who are afflicted with and imperfections, "broken" people, are almost always eliminated, and if one, like Kira with her twisted leg, should be allowed to live, he or she would never be allowed to marry. Christopher's village, however, began as a refuge for "broken" people from many places, and in that village, "healing people lived in harmony," helping one another according to their abilities. In Christopher's village, Kira would not be an outcast as she is in her own, and, as Matt observes, she could even marry if she wanted to.

Kira has a special gift; she is an artist who works her magic by making beautiful colored threads and weaving them into amazing patterns. She and two other especially gifted children, Thomas the Carver and the little Singer, are now being held captive by the dystopian society in which they live, but Kira recognizes that each of them have a unique vision, and that with their gifts, "they (are) the artists who (can) create the future." For now, the guardians hold the young artists in their power, but Kira believes that in the end, they, with their wider and more merciful perception of how things can be, will prevail. Wise Annabella had described the surprising ability for "a small shoot to live" against all odds, and Kira believes that she and the other artists will be able to overcome the forces of tyranny and, through their artistic vision, create a better world where beauty and harmony are more powerful than uniformity and oppression.

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