What does mass entertainment generally mean?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The idea of mass entertainment most certainly has been around since the gladiators fought in front of thousands of people as a form of leisure for rich and poor alike.  America seems to have perfected the ideal with the traveling circus and now we have concerts, football, basketball, and events all over the country which entertain and fulfill the need for leisure by all levels of society. 

Mass entertainment generally means a form of enjoyment, leisure and entertainment that appeals to a majority of people no matter what the social background.  We have so many types of mass entertainment in todays society that I have no doubt even Huxley would be overwhelmed at his accuracy when he wrote "A Brave New World."

krishna-agrawala | Student

Mass entertainment refers to entertainment programs and  facilities that are available to large sections of people including the ordinary people a contrasted to that available only to rich and wealthy. For example in the past only the rich attended event dramas art exhibition because these were very expensive. In comparison, movies developed as a an inexpensive means of entertainment which can be used by all sections of society.

This does not mean that there were no means of mass entertainment in the past. For example Circus Maximus built in Rome in 46 BC with its seating capacity of more than 60,000 people was the venue of many mass entertainment events.

Means of mass entertainment include many things like TV entertainment programs, movies, amusement parks, exhibitions, and sporting events.

gowolves | Student

mass entertainment is what amuses or entertains the majority of the population