In "The Crucible", what does Mary Warren say to frighten Elizabeth Proctor?Act 2

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When Mary Warren returns from her day in the court, John Proctor is very angry at her because she has neglected her household duties again.  He is ready to strike her when she blurts out, pointing at Elizabeth: "I saved her life today."

"Elizabeth's answer: I am accused?" (Miller)

"Mary Warren: Somewhat mentioned.  But I said I never see no sign you ever sent your spirit out to hurt no one and seeing I do live so closely with you, they dismissed it." (Miller)     

Immediately, Proctor is taken back, and Elizabeth is terribly frightened, she says, its Abigail, its Abigail, John, she wants me dead.  She won't stop until they, the authorities, come and take me away.

Its not long after that the Proctors are visited by Reverend Hale who comes to interview them because Elizabeth's name was mentioned in the court.  He decides that the Proctors faith is suspect, especially since John can't remember all the ten commandments and Elizabeth denies the existence of witches.

It is because of Mary Warren's gift of the Poppet that she sewed while in court that day, that Elizabeth is arrested at the end of Act II.  The Poppet serves as evidence that Elizabeth sent out her spirit to injure Abigail Williams who has a needle stuck in her stomach, the same as the Poppet.

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