What does Markus Zusak point out about the war in The Book Thief?

mkcapen1 | Student

The novel The Book Thief was a very good way for Markus Zusak to take characters others than Jewish people and to show the good side of the characters as they pertained to the war.  Initially I thought that the little girl was going to be a foster Jewish child in hiding, but she turns out just to be German and in need of a second family. 

The characters are so wonderful and especially her new Papa.  Zusak demonstrated the manner in which the people who were citizens had to handle everything going on around them.  There was immense pressure to put one's sons into service and for one to join committees and the service if one was not too old.  Family was against family and the hiding of the Jews was a personal decision.  The Papa could not dare let his son know about the Jewish man.

Zusak also show how useless the war was and how many lives were damaged at all different levels.  The bombing wiped out the second family the child had.