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What do Mansfield's "The Little Governess" and "The Tiredness of Rosabel" tell us about women's sexuality?

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Interestingly, both of these stories feature female protagonists who are variously trapped in positions of poverty, dependence and oppression of various types. Note how in "The Little Governess" the protagonist is only travelling at night because the lady at the Governess Bureau had said that she must. She spends an awkward time, desiring company but at the same time she clearly does not know how to handle the porter that tries to take her bag and then demands payment or the group of men in the carriage next to her who ask her to join them:

Suddenly from the corridor there came a stamping of feet and men's voices, high and broken with snatches of loud laughter. They were coming her way. The little governess shrank into her corner as four young men in bowler hats...

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