What does the main character in The Color Purple want and why?

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Celie is the main character of The Color Purple and ultimately she wants to be in control of her own life and identity.  Celie was sexually abused by her father, and he forced her to give her children away to cover up his crime.  He never showed Celie any love, and when he got the chance he gave her away to Albert.  Albert is considerably abusive to Celie, and as a result, Celie walls herself inside and only communicates her true feelings to God through letters.  Celie feels ugly and worthless, but through her relationships with other women, she begins to see that she is someone who worthy of love.  Once she finds Nettie's letters, she knows that her sister has loved her for all these years; also, Celie's friendship with Shug helps give her confidence.  Eventually, Celie stands up to Albert and begins to lead her own life.