What does Mafatu see when he explores another part of the island in Call It Courage?

When Mafatu explores another part of the island in Call It Courage, he sees banana trees whose stems have clearly been cut by a knife. It is apparent that these trees have been cut within a week, and Mafatu is naturally keen to find out who's responsible.

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After making a vow to Maui, God of the Fishermen, that he will return home one day, Mafatu decides to explore the opposite side of the island before he returns to the beach.

As he reaches the cool dark valley his attention is drawn to some large banana trees that are three times his own height. Mafatu remembers hearing tales of how Tahitian youths would slide down the lava slide on sleds made by giant banana leaves. He's most impressed by the leaves, which wave in the breeze “like tattered banners.”

Even more impressive to Mafatu are the stems of the banana trees. Upon examining them, he sees that the stems have been cut, with tree after tree being stripped of its fruit. It's clear that the stems have been cut cleanly by a knife, and within the week too.

Naturally, Mafatu is keen to find out who's cut the fruit from the banana trees. At the very least it indicates that someone else has been on the island recently. Upon further investigation, Mafatu discovers an idol made of bones. This is clearly a sacred place, a forbidden island where cannibals make terrible sacrifices to the Varua Ino, an evil spirit that roughly corresponds to the devil.

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