How does Madame Schachter impact the other people on the train?

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Madame Schacter drives everyone mad with her insane shrieking and screaming. No matter how hard the other inmates in the cattle-truck try to get her to stop, she carries on regardless. The long, hellish journey is bad enough; the cattle-tracks are overcrowded, insanitary, and there's no privacy whatsoever. But Madame Schacter makes things even worse for everyone as her mind rapidly disintegrates under the strain of her deeply traumatic experiences.

The other prisoners on the train are also deeply disturbed and unnerved by Madame Schacter's lurid visions of Hell, which she's convinced awaits them all at their destination. Madame Schacter may be mad, but the other prisoners know that whatever awaits them cannot be good, and so they sense that there's more than a grain of truth in her disturbing prophecies. Sadly, they're proved right, as they soon discover upon arrival at the camp.

In chapter 2, Elie recalls their trip to the Auschwitz concentration camp in the overcrowded cattle cars....

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