What does Macarthur think about the possibility of getting off the island in Chapter 6 of Ten Little Indians?What frightening discovery does Mr. Rogers make?

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General Macarthur believes that none of them will ever get off the island.  The guests have all been counting on the motor boat returning, at which point they will have the opportunity to leave, but as the morning wears on, it becomes more and more evident that the boat is not coming.  The boat was supposed to have arrived between seven and eight in the morning, but it is now around ten o'clock, and there is no sign of it.  While some of the others discuss what might have caused this disturbing turn of events, Macarthur is fatalistically resigned to the fact that they are all essentially stuck on the island.  He says,

"Of course it won't come...it's the end, you see - the end of everything...that's peace - real peace.  To come to the end - not to have to go on...Yes, peace" (Chapter 6, Part 3).

The startling discovery that Rogers makes, besides the death of his wife, is that the little china figures that adorn the table in the dining room are disappearing one-by-one.  When the guests first arrived, there had been ten of them, but when Rogers had been cleaning up after the evening repast the night before, he had noticed that there were only nine.  It crossed his mind that the disppearance of one of the figures was "queer", but after that, he thought no more about it.  This morning, however, while he is clearing the table after breakfast, Rogers notices that yet another figure is missing, leaving only eight.  Chillingly, the first figure went missing after the death of Anthony Marston, and the second disappeared after Rogers' wife passed away.  The number of figures remaining corresponds to the number of individuals on the island who are still alive (Chapter 6, Part 4).

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