The Veldt Questions and Answers
by Ray Bradbury

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What does Lydia want in The Veldt?

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George and Lydia Hadley purchased an automated HappyLife Home to make their lives significantly easier and to please their needy, entitled children. The HappyLife Home is a technologically advanced smart house that performs daily operations like cooking, cleaning, and entertaining the family. There is also a nursery that simulates any environment and projects lifelike images onto its walls and ceiling that reflect the children's thoughts and feelings. Lately, the nursery has been projecting the environment of the African veldt, which is ominous and threatening. At the beginning of the story, Lydia Hadley expresses her concerns regarding the nursery and suggests that her husband lock its doors. Lydia also suggests shutting the entire house off for a few days and taking a vacation. She feels like the automated home has taken her place and desperately desires to care for her children and home in a natural way. Overall, Lydia wants a break from the technologically advanced HappyLife Home and desires to raise her children and care for her family in a natural way.

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