In Among the Hidden, what does Luke discover about the books Jen lends to him?

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jen lends Luke a couple of books and some articles.  Initially he finds the books hard to read because of the vocabulary and the ideas presented.  However, he plows through them and finds some relevant information. He discovers that about twenty years earlier the world had too many people.  People were starving and malnourished especially in poor countries.  Then they had a drought and nothing was grown for about three years.  The government forced farmers to move to land where they could produce more and better crops.  They also forced factories that made junk food to make healthy food instead.  The government wanted to make sure that it would never happen again,so they passed the Population Law that stated each family could only have two children.

The articles were the exact opposite from the books.  They stated that the Population Law was evil and that forcing people to hide children could be counted as genocide. Luke does not understand the discrepancy between the books and articles and asks Jen about them.  He asks her which sources of information were correct and how she knew.  Jen believes the articles are correct because,

"The Government allowed those books to be published ---- they probably even paid for them.  So, of course, they're going to say what the Government wants people to believe.  They're just propaganda.  Lies.  But the articles , the authors of those probably put themselves at risk getting the information out.  So, they're right." (pg 93-94)

Luke asks Jen why she had him read the books if the articles had the true information in them.  She informs him,

"So you'd understand how stupid the Government you'd understand why we have to make them see the truth. (pg 94)

Luke still isn't convinced.  He looks at the books and thinks,

"They looked so official, so important --- who was he to say they weren't true." (pg 94)


tur123 | Student

Well you know that luke meets another shadow child Jen. Jen Hands him the books about he notices the books are about the population laws and why they made those laws.