In "The Pigman," what does Lorraine's mother look like, and what does she think of men?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mrs. Jensen, Lorraine's mother, has beautiful long brown hair, and Lorraine says she "is a very pretty woman when she smiles, which is hardly ever".  Mrs. Jensen, who works as a caregiver for terminal patients, always seems to be tired and complaining, and is especially critical of her daughter.  Lorraine's mother is very hostile towards men - in Lorraine's words, she's "got a real hang-up about men and boys", and she warns Lorraine to stay away from them because "they've only got one thing on their minds".  Lorraine's father cheated on her mother when she was pregnant with Lorraine, and he has since died, leaving Mrs. Jensen with the burden of raising Lorraine, with few resources, on her own.  Mrs. Jensen is obsessed with the memory of how terribly her husband treated her, and she extends her hatred to include all men in general; her bitterness has spoiled her beauty and soured every aspect of her life (Chapter 6).

squirt51096 | Student

Lorraine's mother has long, dark brown hair. Lorraine says that she is beautiful when she has her hair down and when she smiles which is hardly ever. The book doesn't really say any thing else about her looks. But she thinks all men are nasty and all of them only have one thing on their minds. She thinks this because when she was pregnant with Lorraine, her husband ran off and never came back. So she is really trying to protect Lorraine.