What does Lorraine Jensen look like in "The Pigman"?

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There isn't a real physical description of Lorraine in The Pigman. The best picture we get is from Lorraine's mother's comments. Mrs. Jensen says, "You're not a pretty girl, Lorraine," and "...you don't have to walk about stoop-shouldered and hunched." She also tells her, "you're putting on too much weight," and "you wear your clothes funny." The second picture we get of Lorraine is from Lorraine herself. She thinks of herself as somewhat plain rather than horrible looking and says this in her statement, "I may not be Miss America, but I am not the abominable snowwoman either." We get a third picture of Lorraine from John who apparently agrees with Lorraine's opinion of being plain but not horrible looking because he states, "Lorraine thinks she could be an actress, but I keep telling her she'd have to be a character actress, which mean playing washwomen on TV detective shows all the time."