What does the lord of the flies tell Simon in Lord of the Flies?

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Lord of the Flies, or the pig's head on a stick, tells Simon what he has already begun to suspect as the most insightful character in the novel.  As Simon has tried to figure out exactly what the beast is, suggesting an investigation of the thing that the twins saw and watching the different groups of boys change as time on the island goes on, he has begin to have an insight that the rest of the boys lack.

And in his vision of the Lord of the Flies, it tells him that the reason it is all going wrong is that the evil, the beast is a part of them, it is inside of them.  Unfortunately the vision does the boys no good as they accidentally kill Simon in the excitement of him running out of the jungle to tell them what he's learned.

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