What does the librarian do for Leigh in Dear Mr. Henshaw?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Miss Neely, the librarian at Leigh's school, takes a special interest in Leigh and encourages him to submit something for the Young Writers' Yearbook. 

Leigh has tried to write a number of different pieces, but has nothing he feels is good enough to turn in.  On the day before the submissions are due, Miss Neely asks Leigh if he has turned something in, and when she discovers he has not, she tells him he "still (has) twenty-four hours and why (doesn't he) get busy?"  Because of Miss Neely's gentle pushing, Leigh manages to get a story in just in time, and although it does not get first place, it wins an Honorable Mention.  Although the winners of the contest get to have lunch with a famous author while the Honorable Mention writers do not, Leigh is happy with his award.  He would have liked to have lunch with the famous author, Angela Badger, but since she is not Mr. Henshaw, his most favorite writer, Leigh does not mind too much.

As it turns out, the girl who had submitted the winning poem for the Young Writers' Yearbook had copied it out of a book.  When she is disqualified, the librarian asks Leigh if he would like to go in her place, and he happily accepts.  Miss Neely drives the children in her own car to the place where the luncheon is being held.  Leigh is very excited to have been given the opportunity to meet a famous author, even if it is not Mr. Henshaw.