What does the last line,"And the summer was over" interpret at the end?

Expert Answers
writergal06 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This line represents the theme and the conflict resolution simultaneously. The theme is the loss of innocence, seen in Myop's abrupt realization of the evil that men are capable of. At the same time, the line reflects the resolution of the conflict -- Myop is unable to gather flowers in the same carefree manner as before. Furthermore, she is unsuccessful in bringing flowers home at all this particular day. Beyond these meanings, the line also evokes an archetypal image of summer. Summer is often connected to youth, simplicity, and innocence. These connections are all seen in the final line if the story, helping the audience to arrive at the understanding of theme.

squishymonkey | Student

it interprets the end of her childhood innocence. Even though Myop steps into the face of the corpse she still picks up the pink rose which is a way of her hanging on to her innocende but after looking at the noose she drops the flowers and she can't hide reality anymore.