What does "language use test" mean, and what are some examples?

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A language use test examines how the person being tested understands and uses language. It is most often used in placement or evaluation testing.

In placement testing, a prospective student takes a test that focuses on different grammatical forms and may include a composition and/or spoken section as well. The results are analyzed and used to determine what level of instruction the student should receive.

These types of exams are usually individual to the educational institution themselves, although many may use the same ones as those used in evaluation testing below. Also, publishers such as Headway, Cutting Edge and other English as a second/Foreign language systems do have placement tests available for institutional use.

In evaluation testing, a prospective student or employee is evaluated as to how well he or she understands and uses the language necessary to enter a school, college or university or to take employment for a company. Some examples of language use tests are:

Accuplacer; TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) FCE (First Certificate of English) CAE (Certificate of Advanced English) and so on.

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