The Hitchhiking Game Questions and Answers
by Milan Kundera

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What does Kundera's "The Hitchhiking Game" teach us about identity?

Kundera's "The Hitchhiking Game" teaches us that identity is fixed for women in a patriarchal society, but not for men, who are free to adopt many different identities.

In the eponymous game, the young man can play the part of a hitch-hiker, but his girlfriend cannot play the part of a seductress for very long without running the risk of being labelled a loose woman.

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At first, the hitch-hiking game is a lot of fun for both the young man and his girlfriend. The young man likes to play the part of the stranger picking up a sexually-available young woman by the side of the road. It feeds into his toxic sense of masculinity, with its overriding need to see women purely as sex objects to be hunted down and seduced.

As for the girlfriend, she enjoys the game because it gives her a sense of power and control. By putting on the role of a...

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