What sights and sounds surrounding Kino in the morning help him to create his music?

Expert Answers
schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Everything Kino sees and hears becomes the Song of the Family.  It is a song from the old traditions of his Indian race. His people had once been great makers of song and everything they did or thought or heard went into the song.  Kino's song, however, is a personal song. He saw specks of clouds over the Gulf of Mexico.  A goat came near and sniffed at him.  Behind him Juana was preparing breakfast and getting the fire ready.  It threw a flickering light through the door. A moth entered in search of the fire.  The rhythm for the Song of the Family came from Juana's grinding stone as she ground corn for the morning cakes.  He heard her patting her hands together to make the cakes and could smell them as they cooked.  Kino takes pleasure in watching his wife work in their home.Then he watched some black ants on the ground.  A dog came by and when Kino spoke to him softly, he curled up near Kino.  The Song of Family is one of warmth, love, and security, and contentment.