What does To Kill A Mockingbird have to do with conformity?

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To Kill a Mockingbird has a great deal to do with conformity. There are instances large and small in which the author is educating Scout, and us, on two broad themes related to conformity: when to conform, and the price of conformity. Scout is shown when to conform, and how/when might want to when she is shown how to be a lady.

Others, though, teach the more intense lessons about the price of conformity, and the cost of not conforming. Prejudice is a kind of conformity, and Tom is killed, not really for not conforming, but as the price of someone else not conforming (Mayella Ewell). Atticus is threatened for defending a black man, when it isn't an accepted thing to do, and even at church, when Calpurnia brings the white children with her to the black church, members of her church are upset about her not following customs.


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