What does Katniss eat during the first five days of the Hunger Games?

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As the hunger games is about to begin, the tributes have to get their supplies in the cornucopia which they think will help them in their survival. Most of the tributes are trained to get the "killing tools" instead of food. However, Katniss thought of looking for the water and/or water container first. 

On the first five days, there are lots of varieties of food that Katniss ate. This includes fishes, capital food, wild bird or grooslings, edible roots and nuts, wild berries, rabbit from hunting, beef, lamb, crackers, bread from the district and all the sort of edible leaves.

On the first day, Katniss ate crackers and beef and chew the inner pine tree bark. On the next day, she ate rabbit that she got from hunting. She ate the remaining piece of rabbit and got some edible water plants. She continued on eating the crackers, beef, this time she was with Rue, joining her for survival. Katniss hunted grooslings while Rue shares her root crops. Rue collected some roots, nuts, greens, and berries which they divided into two in case they will part ways in the future. 

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