Describe Kate from the Denali coven in Breaking Dawn.I know she has blond wavy hair, but do you know anything about her style? Who does she dress like, and what are her features.... arg! Kate is...

Describe Kate from the Denali coven in Breaking Dawn.

I know she has blond wavy hair, but do you know anything about her style? Who does she dress like, and what are her features.... arg! Kate is stumping me... can any one help?

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Jessica Akcinar eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Kate from the Denali coven appears in Breaking Dawn, the saga's fourth book. Physically, Kate is never completely described. Of course, like most vampires, she is graceful and beautiful beyond compare ("They were all four so beautiful that it made my stomach hurt." pg. 54). She has golden eyes because she lives on a diet of animal blood as opposed to human blood. She also has hair that is "long, pale blond, straight as corn silk." Although they never mention her physical age, Kate is young, probably still in her late teens or early twenties.

Internally, Kate can be described as laid-back. She is not as serious as her sister, Tanya, rolls her eyes often, and does not fear danger (except for immortal children) or even death. For example, after being told that fighting the Volturi would be a suicide mission, Kate grins and shrugs nonchalantly, "I'm in." She is also very loyal, especially to those she considers family such as the Cullens, and has a conscience.

Kate has a special supernatural power beyond that of a "normal" vampire. She can generate a strong electric current over her skin in order to protect herself from physical attacks and can regulate the strength of the current.

After helping Bella harness her own talent, Kate remains at the Cullen's side during the Volturi confrontation. She gracefully braces herself for death to come when all hope seems lost. At the end, she returns to Denali with her clan and her new mate, Garrett.

isa606 | Student

um. actully kate has strawberry blond hair and she dresses like any other vamp. so she is not suspiious. and yeah she has golden eyes and her power is to shock you.. irina her sister is the one with the bond silky hair.. and they also have russian acsents:}


mrrscthyc | Student

kate's style is not like alice's she dosen't really care what she looks like.When she came to see Edward she had tattered clothes.Her personality is ferice though she never gives up.

ashdiva97 | Student

Well for sure u know that she is a beautiful strawberry blond that edward is not interested in but i imagine her beautiful.  Just because edward turned her doesn't mean she is not beautiful.  Edward said he had been waiting on Bella.

     I imagine her wearing a pink cover coat with jeans and pumps with a white shirt and very expensive earrings.   If you have the poster with the cullens and bella it is kind of what rosalie is wearing but pink.



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