The Great Gatsby Questions and Answers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In The Great Gatsby, what does Jordan tell Nick about Daisy?

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In chapter four of The Great Gatsby, Jordan tells Nick all about Daisy's history when she was a teenager. Jordan knew Daisy when they were younger. Daisy was a very well-liked young lady. She had many admirers and she seemed to enjoy their company. Jordan goes on tell Nick that there was this one young military man that seemed to catch Daisy's attention completely. They would spend many day together and seemed to be very much in love, but Daisy ended up marrying Tom Buchanan. Tom was a much better match for Daisy and her parents. Tom came from a wealthy family and Daisy's social standing would remain in tact with the marriage. They young military man loved Daisy but was very poor. Jordan has begun to put the pieces together that Gatsby is the man Daisy was in love with.

"Well about six weeks ago, she heard the name Gatsby for the first time in years. It was when I asked if you—do you remember?—if you knew Gatsby in West Egg. After you had gone home she came into my room and woke me up, and said: "What Gatsby?" and when I described him—I was half asleep—she said in the strangest voice that it must be the man she used to know. It wasn't until then that I connected this Gatsby with the officer in her white car."

Daisy is the great love of Gatsby's life and everything he has done has been for her. Gatsby believed that if he got wealthy he would be worthy of Daisy. His love for her consumed him, and he devoted his life to trying to win her back. He knows that she isn't in love with Tom; she only married him because of his wealth. Gatsby believes that now that he has great wealth Daisy will finally be free to love him. The tragedy of it all is that no matter what Gatsby did, Daisy was never going to love him the way he loved her.

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Jordan fills Nick in on the details of Daisy's life from the time she was eighteen until after her wedding to Tom Buchanan. Early on, Jordan had seen Daisy with Gatsby, then a young lieutenant, at Daisy's home in Louisville. At the time, Gatsby "looked at Daisy . . . in a way that every young girl wants to be looked at sometime."

The two girls stayed friends and Jordan was a bridesmaid at Daisy's wedding to Tom Buchanan. Unlike the poor Gatsby, Tom was an acceptable husband for Daisy's family because of his wealth--he gave Daisy a wedding gift of a $350,000 string of pearls.

Jordan, along with one of Daisy's family's servants, is the only person who finds out about Daisy's "cold feet" the night before she is to marry Tom. Daisy gets drunk for the first time ever, and will not let go of an important letter, presumably from Gatsby. Jordan helps Daisy overcome her panic and the wedding goes on as usual.

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