What does Jonas see in the apple while he is playing catch with Asher?

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In Chapter Three, Jonas recalls a time when an announcement from the speaker was directed towards him for taking an apple from the recreation area, which was against the community's rules. While Jonas remembers the incident, he recalls the strange event that motivated him to take the apple from the recreation area. While Jonas was playing catch with Asher and tossing the apple back and forth, he noticed the apple suddenly change in mid-air. The apple continued to mysteriously change in mid-air but remained unchanged and normal whenever he held it in his hand. Jonas was confused by the incident and decided to take the apple home for further examination. At this point in the story, Jonas is unaware that he has the Capacity to See Beyond, which essentially means that he can see in color. The change in the apple that Jonas was seeing while playing catch was simply him noticing the apple's natural red color for the first time.

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What Jonas sees in the apple is a bit of color.  He does not really realize what he is seeing, though.

This happens very early in the book.  All that we are told is that somehow the apple changed.  When I first read the book, I had no idea what sort of change was going on at that point.

Much later in the book, the Giver will tell Jonas about color and Jonas will realize what it was that he was seeing.  But at this point in the book, he has no idea what happened with the apple.

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