What does the story of Jason and the Argonauts have to do with the novel "Dragon's Seed"?

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In the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece, Jason set out with a group of men set sail on a ship called "The Argo" (thus the name "Argonauts" for the men). They were going to Colchis to retrieve the golden fleece; Jason's uncle had promised him to give up the throne to Jason in exchange for the fleece. The king of Colchis wasn't going to give up the fleece just because Jason needed it. He challenged Jason to yoke a plow to a pair of fire-breathing oxen, which he would then use to sow a field with dragon's teeth. Once that was done, he had to kill all of the undead soldiers who popped up from the ground where the seeds had been planted.

In the novel "Dragon's Seed," Mackie Loudon befriends a young boy who calls himself Monkey and whom she calls Preston. Mackie is an artist and sculpts statues depicting the Greek myths. While she works, she tells these stories to Preston. When she begins to tell him the story of Jason and his Argonauts, however, Preston becomes nervous and leaves. Mackie discovers that the boy's real name is Jason Sturges and that he has been abducted and is being abused by her neighbor. Just as the mythical Jason had to endure the trials given him by first his uncle and then the king of Colchis, Jason Sturges is facing his own trials of being abused and afraid.

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