In "Jane Eyre", what does Jane see in Miss Temple and the girl in the garden that she considers lacking in herself?

Expert Answers
ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The girl in the garden is Helen Burns, who Jane first sees reading a book. At first Jane feels an affinity for Helen because she is reading but she soon learns that Jane is much more an example of what being a "Christian" is than herself. When Helen is beaten, she tells Jane to forgive those who abuse her. When Jane is embarrassed in front of the whole school, Helen tells Jane that she “thinks too much of the love of human beings.” In Miss Temple, Jane sees someone who cares for the truth, is loving and is also well-educated. When Brocklehurst tells the school that Jane is a liar and that they should not associate with her, Miss Temple offers to write Mr. Lloyd to see if Jane is telling the truth. When Miss Temple tells the class that Jane is telling the truth, Jane is so grateful she begins to work very hard on her studies. Although life at Lowood is very difficult, the love Jane feels from Helen and Miss Temple help to keep her alive and able to go on.